Givenchy on Sale: Where to Shop

December 8, 2022 by Lila Delilah

The rolling in of designer sales continues. The designer of the day is Givenchy where the discounts scale up to 50% off. Don’t overlook Givenchy bags as a lot of styles are nicer than more popular brands. (YSL is coming to mind.) Below are the best places to shop for discounted Givenchy right now.

40% Off
We are finding the best selection and prices at Saks right now.

30% to 40% off
Again, there is a lot of inventory. The selection is very similar to other retailers. The most popular items are 30% off, so it’s best to cross-reference prices with other stores.

Neiman Marcus
30% off.
Prices seem to be a little higher than in other stores. If an item is sold out you can use Neiman Marcus as your fallback.


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