LN-CC Discounts On: Bottega, Prada, Gucci and YSL

February 8, 2021 by Lila Delilah

LN-CC, which is based in London, has started Valentine’s Day promotion that provides the perfect opportunity to score a new season item for a good savings. You can use the code  LN-VALENTINE15 to save 15% off anything in this selection. Men can use this link

The best part of this promotion is that the selection is super premier. There is the full new season of Bottega Veneta. That includes the brand new Bulb bag that comes to $1062 from $1250, Mesh heels are $790 from $930, Raffia heels are $855 from $1050 and the Double Strap belt is $807 from $950. 
There is also a lot of great Prada, Saint Laurent, and Gucci. A Prada straw bucket hat is $510 from $600 and this new style Gucci Dahlia clutch is $670 from $790. 
The discounts aren’t extreem but this is a great opporunity to save a bit of money if you were contemplating a full price purchase. Extra points for having a great item at the begining of the season too. 

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