Prada Private Sale 40% to 50% off

December 16, 2020 by Lila Delilah

Prada’s seasonal sale kicked off at boutiques and department stores today. Unlike some other higher-end brands, Muccia is trying to keep the discounts a little discreet. Department stores launched private sale links and codes are necessary to see the discounts. You will need to specifically ask about sale items when shopping at the boutique.

Update: Moda Operandi is the most recent retailer to share a private link to discounted Prada. The disount is 50% off everything, You can click here to access the assortment and use the code SHH50 to engage the savings at checkout. 

Over this way, you can access the Prada private sale at Saks Fifth Avenue. Clothing is 50% off. Shoes, handbags, and accessories are discounted by 40%. Once items are added to your cart, you’ll need to use the code N56C19V to activate the discounts. 

The discount arrangement is the same at Neiman Marcus. You can click here to access the private sale. No code is needed. The Nordstrom Prada selection is this way and doesn’t require a code either. Some shoes at  Nordstrom are discounted 50% off. These loafers are $495 from $990 and sneakers are $345 from $690.
Some of the highlights include these Prada loafers that come to $552 from $920, a Nylon tote is $762 from $1270 and a Prada logo belt is $315 from $525. Discounts are the same at both stores but the selection at Saks is more extensive. That doesn’t mean you should skip over Neimans, which has some shoes reduced to 50% off. 

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