Weekend Shopping: 🎃 👻 Obsessions & Impulses

October 31, 2020 by Lila Delilah

This weekend is the convergence of several notable occurrences: it’s Halloween, daylight savings, and a blue moon. As October briskly morphs into the holiday season, it’s the perfect time to speak about our markdown and sale expectations.

The holiday shopping season started so early you can almost hear the twinkling lights as we packed up from the beach on Labor Day. This season, I expect to see heavier discounts earlier than we’ve ever seen. I also think that there will be waves of exclusions, depending on the popularity of the brand.

Everyone should keep that stores will be overwhelmed with shipping requests. You can expect there to be lots of delays from the convergence of increased online orders and sales associates shipping most purchases. You can expect shipping companies will pass along lots of delays too. My advice: ORDER EARLY!

This week we’ve already seen some serious promotions vailed in the celebration of Singles Day, which isn’t even until November 11. Net-A-Porter is already offering 22% off a full assortment of merchandise with the code SINGLES22. (You can read more details about the promotion here.) 

You can shop at Harrods now and benefit from the price advantage and 10% off to those who register with their loyalty program. These Golden Goose seakers come to just about $310 from about $500 in the US. This Bottega Cassette bag (in my favorite teal color) is $2378 from $2800 US, here is this year’s updated style with the heavy chain (which isn’t very heavy at all) for $3186 from $3800 US and this woven linen tote is a great deal by all accounts for $1511 from $1850 US. Don’t miss the Bottega rain boots for $470 from $650 US or Lido heels for $850 from $1200 US. 

If you need to stock up on beauty items and cosmetics, you should keep an eye on Sephora. Depending on your loyalty status you can save up to 20% off everything at the store. Rouge members, or those who spend $1000 or more a year at Sephora, can save 20% off right now. The Dyson hairdryer comes to $320 from a value of $464 for the gift set and the Airwrap styler (curling iron) set is $440 from $550. Don’t miss all the holiday gift sets. Check out this YSL “Lipstick Vault” and this Artis brush set

This week we also dove back into 24S, where we have found a steady discount on LV items. French legislation has thwarted the tradition of destroying merchandise and luxury retailers are only beginning to figure out new ways to abide by the new laws. That means discounts for us. The selection is continually restocked. We suggest you check back often. You can click here to read more and to see all of my great finds

Moda Operandi is currently offering 25% off a large selection of Fall clothing. You can save 25% off by using the code FALL25 with anything in this edit.  Check out these high-rise boot cut leather pants from Goldsign that comes to $825 from $1100, these Paris Texas knee-high leather boots are about $630 from $840 and this Philosophy sweater is $356 from $475. You can check out more details here. 

Coming up this week, we can expect to see a lot more promotions leading up to Singles Day. We would keep an extra keen on European retailers, which have really started to heavily compete against US pricing.

That’s it for now folks. Happy Halloween! Until next time… same time, same place?


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