Weekend Shopping: Obsessions & Impulses

October 18, 2020 by Lila Delilah

As the holiday season approaches, it’s hard to differentiate between the items we like and the items that we will actually use. It’s been far too long since I’ve been offered a glass of champagne off a silver tray or experienced the roaring sound of music and loud chatter as the elevators open to The Boom Boom Room.

It doesn’t appear as if any of these opportunities will present themselves any time soon. Even the awkwardness of being at a social event, surrounded by strangers, seems nostalgic. So how will we be shopping and for what? That remains the question.

Bags and shoes are always a safe purchase. Will sweatpants and heels become a thing? Let’s hope that times don’t become that desperate. Earlier this week,  I dove into the elevation of outerwear in anticipation of increased outdoor socializing. You can click here to see what’s caught my eye. 

Speaking of seasonal dressing, I worked with Intermix to and picked the perfect wardrobe heroes. You, know those items that save the day and keep you looking great over and over again. You can click here to see my favorite items

If you’re looking for discounted Gucci, Jomashop already started a holiday sale where discounts run up to 50% off. Here is a classic Gucci belt for $299 from $460 and there is also another $20 off at checkout. This logo scarf is $224.

We also spotted lots of great deals on Italist this week. Discounts one new season merchandise are up to 50% off when compared to US prices. A small Prada beauty case with a handle is $300 from $380, Golden Goose sneakers are $388 from about $550, this Fendi bucket hat is $454 from $630. and a YSL Becky bag is $1341 from $1750. There is also a great selection of Max Mara coats that are drastically less expensive than you can buy them here. 

The Franch tax on destroying merchandise has 24S discounting Louis Vuitton items. You can also save an additional 10% off “reduced” prices with the code: ULTIMATESFIRST10. Click over to the post for full details

Tessabit is still offering 30% off new season items. You can see all the merchandise that’s included in the promotion in this private link. Use the code  MID30MADISON at checkout to engage the savings.  Balenciaga speed sneakers that come to about $500 from $795 US. Other intriguing items include this Saint Laurent leather pouch for $262 from $375 and a Balenciaga City bag is $1540 from $2190. Don’t miss this Balenciaga all over sweater or the Fendi sunset By the Way bag. Click here to read the full blog post.

Coming up, on Sunday, keep your eyes on the Saks sale section. We are told there will be some great markdowns. In the meantime, here is a kids Balenciaga sweatshirt (size 8) for $150 from $300. There will also be a big Monday surprise from another luxury retailer. The discounts aren’t live yet but you might want to begin browsing this link. (Maybe bookmark it too, in the case I need to delete it.)

That’s it for now folks. Until next time… same time, same place?


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