Weekend Shopping: Obsessions & Impulses

September 13, 2020 by Lila Delilah

After years of discontinuing designer discounts, DSW served up some major discounts on Gucci shoes. Prices are discounted up to 70% off. Styles have been selling out fast but the website seems to be restocking daily. We suggest you continue to check back even if what you want has sold out. 

Once upon a time, New York discount shoppers had numerous options. There was Loehmann’s, Daffy’s, Filene’s, Syms, and Century 21. Now there will be none. On Thursday, Centruy 21 announced that it filed for bankruptcy and will be closing all 13 stores leaving behind an era of shopping legends.

The stories that would emerge if those racks could talk. The life lessons learned from the “Back Room” to the home of “Clothing Bargains for Millionaires” educated generations of deal hunters. They were shopping destinations where even a little bit of money could take you far. 

Everyone has a story. I still remember the way my hand was shaking 20-years ago when handed over my credit card to be swiped to charge a $900 for a $2500 Prada coat at Century 21. So much lust. So much adrenaline. So much doubt. 
There were real bargains on real designer labels. All New Yorkers quickly learn that nothing lasts forever. and this chapter of shopping has unequivocally come to an end. TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack will never offer the thrills that were provided by the traditional and independently owned discount store. How can they? Without falling too far down the path of nostolgia we will persevere. 
Those looking to spruce up their wardrobes for Fall can find good discounts on MatchesFashion. The code EXTRA20 will save you an additional 20% off. Highlights include a Fendi dress for $1300 from nearly $4000, a Marine Surre dress for $370 from $1120, and a Balenciaga shirt for $340 from $825. Lots more on the full post over here
In an absence of Fashion Week, we started diving into the chunky sole boot trend. There are numerous options to stomp your way into tough-luxe, including options from Stella McCartney Bottega Veneta’ and lots more. Check out the more over here.
With international shopping on my mind, I clicked over to the UK version of Net-A-Porter and was amazed by the deals and that’s even after the currency was exchanged to US dollars. There is a Gucci apple tee that’s $442 from $690 US retail and a small Gucci belt is $325 from $360. Read up on how to sort for the most savings here.  
Lastly, if you’re in New York and want some old-world discount shopping feel you can head to 375Showroom’s clearance sale. Designer merchandise from Off-White, Palm Angels, Amiri, and more are up to 85% off. You can find all the details here.
That’s it for now folks. Until next time… same time, same place?

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