Mansur Gavriel End of Summer Sale: 70% Off

September 4, 2020 by Lila Delilah

Just when you thought all of the fun of Summer is over, Mansur Gavriel dropped a major sale. Head over to the site right now to save up to 70% off a fantastic assortment of bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories.

The bags are always the highlight of Mansur Gavriel. Here is a white classic tote is $485 from $700, a mini-bucket bag for $465 from $665, and a sun bag is $600 from $1200.

To be completely honest, I happen to prefer Mansur’s shoes and clothing to the bags. This happens to work out great because the deals are even better. Some of the not-to-miss highlights include Cloud sandals (Birkenstock-like) for $275 from $400, a silk shirtdress for $270 from $900, and a linen maxi dress for $270 from $900.

This isn’t a wait-for-later sale. The discounts will only last for five days and some items are already selling out in sizes and colors. Once word gets out we are pretty sure very little will remain.


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