Savings on Hot Designer Trends

August 31, 2020 by Lila Delilah

Fall is one best time of year for fashion. It’s when all of the new trends emerge and that must-have feeling is the strongest. Pulling the full-price trigger on a new season item is a commitment but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

The Australian-based Cettire has emerged as a prime destination for new season savings. The appears to work like a market place, like Farfetch or Italist and is able to offer a currency advantage in addition to great markdowns.

Full disclosure:  I’ve personally placed two orders with  Cettire and both have been canceled. Numerous shoppers reported satisfying experiences.

If there were a big showing for fashion week we would be sure to see lots of capes. If you’re going with a high-end version, you should consider the Saint Laurent cape that’s $1133 from $2900 US. Trendsetters will also need a coat with a super long hemline. This Loewe style is gorgeous for $2000 from $2900 US.

Some other items we spotted include Moncler hats with fur poms for $250 from $400 US (lots of color options) and Bottega Tire boots are $900 from $1150.  We also spotted these new-style Prada rain/snow/winter boots with a little pouch for $980 from $1500-ish. We like the non-lace up new style but there are also short ones available.

We suggest that you search Cettire tire for any trend that is tempting your desire to see if it’s priced any less than it would be locally. We suggest you don’t wait on super hot items. You can already see that they won’t be available for much longer.


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