Sales Begin at Dior: 40% Off

June 22, 2020 by Lila Delilah

Dior is one of the very few brands that stay completely in control of its product distribution. Like Chanel, Dior doesn’t allow retailers to sell its products online. The only authorized site to sell new Dior is online 24S, which is owned by the parent company, LVMH.

If you’re looking for a discount on Dior, you will need to set your focus on physical retailers, like boutiques and department stores. Starting today, you can save up to 40% on a full assortment of Dior shoes, clothing, scarves, sunglasses, accessories, and jewelry. There are no bags included in the markdown.

We filled the jump with an assortment of items included in the markdown. Click here to see the selection.  The sale includes men merchandise too but we haven’t received photographs yet. We will be sure to add an alert as soon as they are posted.

24S also has a great sale that includes a great assortment of other brands. A few highlights include a Dodo Bar Or swimsuit for 70% off, a Givenchy wallet is $445 from nearly $900 and a Balmain denim jacket is $900 from $1500-ish.

The most interesting site assortment is the past season Louis Vuitton that’s about 20% less than it would be here. Who says, LV never goes on sale?!

Brian Neiman Marcus (Hudson Yards) 202-733-8528
Saks Columbus: Mojie 614-581-3142
Dior Boutique (FL): JJ 305-930-2690
Bergdorf Goodman Wendy: 347-504-3075
Bloomingdales Dior boutique Nicole: 212-705-3522

Boutique items 50% off


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