Italist Serious Sale Finds

June 17, 2020 by Lila Delilah

Like most everything else in life, this sale season has been disjointed and confusing. There are no comps and every retailer is on its own schedule. Today we took a scroll through Italist and found lots of great items for less than other stores.

We spotted this gorgeous lots of gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana pieces at seriously discounted prices. This Dolce & Gabbana skirt that’s just $380 from $925 US retail and a classic style floral dress is $862 from $1682. Expanding the search, we found a Balmain sweatshirt for $281 from $495 US retail, a Versace tee is $225 from $775 US retail,

Among the purses and shoes are these Gucci sandals with a horsebit for $515 from $850 US retail. New style Bottega Curve sandals are $929 from $1650 US retail and here is a classic Pouch in violet for $1930 from $2700 US retail. Celine espadrilles are $375 from $550 and a logo tee is $281 from $415 US retail. Check out this Prada belt for just $162 from $440 US retail and these iconic lightning bolt heels are $220 from $1100.

These Italist items will go fast once word gets out. They usually don’t get restocked. Or, you can always take your chances and wait for another markdown.


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