Amazing Finds on Yoox

May 18, 2020 by Lila Delilah

Let’s set the record straight: Yoox is a nightmare to shop. There is way too much merchandise on Yoox and nobody could figure out if it’s a discount site or a retailer with very good markdowns. Your guess is as good as mine.

After being closed for nearly 10 weeks, Yoox has come back online and there are some major finds on the site. The sorting and scrolling is monotonous but the savings are extreme. Some of the amazing items we found include this Saint Laurent velvet blazer for $575 from $2500, Roger Vivier espadrilles are $250 and I think they retailed for about $700, Chloe mules are $114 from over $400, and this Missoni dress is $133.

Take note, some of Yoox‘s retail prices are much less than accurate. It’s hard to really be sure unless you’re hyper-aware of past season pricing. There are also usually only one or two sizes remaining among the most reduced items.

I suggest using the “Lightbox” feature to collect your favorite items. Yoox is great at sending alerts when additional discounts are made and is also known to send special pricing on specific items.Enjoy scrolling!


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