Net-A-Poter Shipping from Hong Kong

April 29, 2020 by Lila Delilah

In 2018, Net-A-Porter and Alibaba entered into a joint venture, which allowed NAP tap into the Chinese company’s sprawling logistics network and affiliated payment platform, Alipay. Now, Net-A-Porter is taking advantage of that platform and allowing worldwide shoppers to purchase from the Hong Kong-based site.

US Shoppers can tap into the Chinese platform with this link. Prices are slightly less than the US on most items. Shipping is free on purchases over $322-ish. Duties are not covered but it appears as if the additional fees are slightly less than NYC sales tax. We suggest tapping into this resource if you’re having a hard time locating an item state-side.

Some good options are the Bottega Veneta mini Jodie bag that is $1781 (or $60 more than the US). The simple Bottega leather mules are mostly sold here but are still available here for $735 (or $50 less). Some other hard-to-find highlights include the Hermes and Cartier watches. The medium Tank Française is about $200 less.

We spotted some very cool Golden Goose. This pair with silver detailing is than the US at $371. These sneakers hit the magic balance of being over the shipping minimum but under the duty maximum before taxes. It’s a triple win!

We suggest staying away from Gucci unless there is something you really haven’t been able to find. It appears as if prices are about 10% more than they are here. It’s just further proof that you always need to do your research.


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