Bergdorf Goodman 2nd Markdown (Inside Pics)

December 5, 2019 by Lila Delilah

Bergdorf Goodman started its second markdown today. Shoes, handbags, and clothing are up to 60% off. You will also see some newcomers in the markdown area, including Dior and Cuccinelli.

Usually, shoes and bags aren’t reduced as much as the top discount but this season Bergdorf is all in. You’ll find a significant assortment reduced to a fraction of the retail price and it’s only the beginning of December! We suggest go to Bergdorf right now and purchase whatever you like before word gets out. We snapped a few sale pictures from inside the store right here.

The handbag selection is much better at the store, as you can see in our pictures. Online, there is a very small assortment of  Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Saint Laurent. There is no Valentino left on the website but there is a lot at the store.

You should also take this opportunity to start shopping from Dior. We have a few images of the sale selection right here. The discount is 30% off. Dior clothing and shoes aren’t sold online so you will need to contact a sales associate.

Outside of the Dior shoe selection, there is still an enormous variety but not many sizes. Most of the shoes on the site are limited to one or two sizes. Again, you will do much better at the store. Click for pics. These Hangisi heels are still over $600  from $1025 but these two-tone Manolos come to just $266 from $665. These Givenchy loafers with a stacked heel are worth a second look at $380 from $950.

This latest markdown is all we are going to see until Christmas Day. The big promotions will begin again after Santa arrives back in the North Pole.


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