Stay Warm at the Annabelle Fur Sample Sale

November 11, 2019 by Lila Delilah

Staying warm and stylish is never easy when it’s very cold. When temperatures drop there is no better way to keep warm than in fur, cashmere or down.

Ahead of the foreboding cold, Annabelle is hosting a sample sale that’s sure to warm your heart, body, and wallet. The sale will include a large assortment of high-quality fur coats, vests, jackets, and accessories. Prices will be well under wholesale.

Annabelle manufactures the highest quality outerwear and chances are you have seen their products at the biggest department stores under several different labels. Cashmere coats with fur details are $300. Basic down jackets start at $60, which is less than Uniqlo. Down jackets and coats with fur are $300 and they are ten times better than any coat you’ll buy off of Amazon. Fur vests are $200 and kid’s hats with fur poms are just $30. You can see pictures from the last sale right here.

The sample sale will also include a variety of cold winter accessories, like knit hats with fur pom-poms. (Seems like a perfect holiday gift to me!) Of course, you will also be able to find an assortment of high-quality coats ranging from a full mink to fox and other exotic skins.

Once you’re geared-up and looking great, it won’t matter even if it’s cold, cold, freezing.

Annabelle Fur Sale
Wednesday, November 13 through Friday, November 15
10am-6pm daily
247 West 30th St, 2nd Floor

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