Lake Como’s Tessabit 40% Off Designer

November 2, 2019 by Lila Delilah

Tessabit is a multi-brand luxury boutique based in Lake Como, Italy. It was the first store to carry Georgio Armani’s collection in the 70s and has remained on the cutting edge of trend and fashion ever since. More recently, Tessabit has their goals set on capturing the eyes of a New York shopper.

The best part of the promotion is that the merchandise is coming from Italy and already at a discount when compared to our retail prices. You can use this link and the code MOON40S at checkout to a gage the savings.

The extra promotion brings the final cost to more than 50% off on many items. The Vring Valentino bag is $2145 at our retail stores but comes to $1128 after the discount. A Balmain velvet blazer retails here at $2300 but comes to just $1100 and a tee comes to $190 from $395 at US stores. Balenciaga square toe BB boots are $690 from $1590 state-side.

While in the sale section, keep your eyes focused on European designers. That’s where you will find the best values. We noticed that the Fendi prices weren’t less than here but the 40% discount is way more than you will ever find on brand new items like the Karligraphy bag and anything from Brunello Cucinelli.


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