Inside: The Row Sample Sale

October 17, 2019 by Lila Delilah
Instagram influencers appear to share everything in their daily lives.  It’s peculiar how clicking through the feeds of top NYC Insta stars won’t reveal even a mention about The Row’s sample sale preview. Yet many where there.

This evening, The Row’s sample sale was open for previews to VIPs, the press, celebrity types like Leandra and lots of Spence moms. Each season the crowd for the preview keeps getting bigger and the space more crowded.

UPDATE 10/19: Clothing is 80% off. Shoes are 70% off. This year, all merchandise is discounted 70% off. Shoes and bags are 60% off. Most of the merchandise is from past collections and some items can even be found at stores for nearly the same discount.

Shoppers will notice that there are more shoes than usual but fewer bags than last year. We spotted this shearling belt bag for $980 from $2450.  It’s currently $1350 at Bergdorfs. The Bindle bag is $680 from $1700 and Medicine pouches are under $400 from $990. A top handle leather satchel comes to about $1800 from $2950.

For the first time, there was a small selection of men’s fashion. There are leather jackets, sweaters, and overcoats in very small quantities.

For women, the sale has a handful of blazers in each size. They normally range in price from $1400 to $2500 and come to $420 to $750. The best selection was among the pants, which are always great for work for more formal moments. We also spotted a handful of slinky gowns, which were quickly snatched up. We didn’t find any leather, denim or sunglasses.

There are four big tables of sweaters. Most are virtually unidentifiable except for the exquisite yarn quality. Most options are black or grey. (Big surprise!) There are a few acid green varieties. A cashmere style like this is about $400 from $990 and a long duster style with a belt is about $600 from $1490.

Among the shoes, we found a lot of The Row’s classic loafers that come to $320 from $800.  Kitten heels with an ankle tie are the same price. Egon sandals are $275 from $690.

If you’re a big fan of The Row, you know what to expect when it comes to prices and styling. We would suggest you go. Not every shopper loads up $3000 fashion items that don’t have a single logo. Remote fans of The Row can browse from the sale assortment we collected from online.

The Row
Thursday, October 17 through Sunday, October 20
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Metropolitan Pavilion: 123 West 18th Street, 5th Floor
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