Century 21 Clearance Sale 90% Off

August 6, 2019 by Lila Delilah

Century 21 department stores started a promotion where clearance merchandise is discounted an extra 40% off. The total savings on many items top out at over 90% off. The promotion is available online and in stores.

Over this way we found Celine high boots that come to $218 from $1400, a Leonard maxi dress is just $131 from $3315, Attico shoes are $210 from $800, and a Givenchy floral print silk scarf is $60 from $400. This morning we spotted Versace scarves but they seem to have all sold out already.

Don’t miss the kid’s selection. There is a Young Versace boy’s down jacket that is priced at $130 from $925, this floral print girl’s Versace dress is $62 from $800 and Naturino sandals are, like, $15 from $72.

These sales are always much better at the store but you have to be careful of damages. There is also the time suck that happens at Century. It’s almost like a casino– time and money has a knack of vanishing. Sometimes the quick fix of online shopping, even with limitations, is all you need.


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