Barneys 2nd Markdown (30+ Pics)

June 5, 2019 by Lila Delilah

Barneys just started its second markdown this morning. Some bags and shoes are discounted by 50% and some clothing is reduced by 60%. We were initially very excited for this markdown but despite a few exceptions, it’s a bit of a tease. After touring the store and online, it appears as if most items didn’t really get the second markdown treatment.

There are a few online standouts.  If you’re looking for a Balenciaga bag now would be the time to pounce. A bunch of Market Totes are also 50% off. Here is a Chloe bucket bag for $830 from $1650 and this linen Saint Laurent tote is $1369 from almost $2000. Click here for pictures of what bags are on sale at the store.

Some of our favorite items include this Balenciaga tee that’s $230 from $450. Remember when Triple S sneakers were selling for twice their retail price? Now they are 40% off. This Givenchy baseball cap is 60% off and these Gucci slides are 40% off. We have lots of pictures of bags and shoes.

Take note, the online selection still includes a lot of YSL and Valentino bags that sold out at other stores. At Barneys on Madison, we found a few great Fendi totes and pouches. You can see pictures from at the store over here.


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