Inside the Paul Andrew Sample Sale

February 13, 2019 by Lila Delilah

The Paul Andrew sample sale doesn’t officially kick off until tomorrow but we were able to snag a sneak peek at this traditional showroom sample sale. It’s not so often that we find ourselves shopping in a showroom anymore.

Usually, sales are hosted at an off-site location by a third party. The highlight is that a classic sample sale offers tremendous value but the downside is that sample sizes are limiting. This Paul Andrew sale exemplifies that highs and lows.

Prices start at just $25 and top out at $250. Most of the selection falls into the category of $150 for samples and $250 for open stock and boots. The disappoint only sets in if you aren’t a sample size 37. Those who fit into a lucky size 37 will be overwhelmed with a large variety of gorgeous shoes mostly from Spring seasons. Shoes used for photo shoots or runways usually come in a 39 and 40s with scored and scuffed bottoms fell into the $25 segment.

We have pictures from inside the sample sale right here. We were thrilled to spot Rhea Ankara slingbacks (the ones with the sphere heel), Banner ankle boots (short boots with a folded top), and lots more. You can click here to see a great assortment of discounted Paul Andrew shoes online and there are lots of size options too,.

The only replenishment will be from borrows and fashion week returns. We suggest you attend this sale early regardless of shoe size.

Thursday, February 14 & Thursday, February 15
11am-6pm daily
41 West 58th Street, 2A


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