The IT-It: Givenchy GV3

January 29, 2019 by Lila Delilah

The beauty of LVMH is that its diversification allows for an ever-revolving cast of trending brands. One season, Dior is must-have and the next season Fendi is the big fetish.  Consumer fatigue is built into the balance sheet but there are so many options that shoppers always have a reason to LVMH-something.

Until recently, Givenchy has been an undisturbed sleeping giant. That is until Clare Waight Keller was named the artistic director for the legacy fashion house in 2017. In under two years, she set forth one of the most iconic dresses of the decade in the form of Meghan Markle’s bridal gown. She revamped the company branding, brought back the house’s couture collection and presented the brand’s first standalone menswear collection, in Paris, earlier this month.

Keller’s designs for Givenchy showcase a power brand, designed by a British woman for a French legacy fashion house. Consumers are connecting with this new era. The new Givenchy woman is sharply-dressed with a great love for fabulous footwear and accessories. The tall leather boots Keller designed for fall become an It-accessory of the season and it’s just the beginning.

Beyond the Tisci Nightengale and Pandora, Keller has resurrected the iconic Givenchy logo. We are obsessed with Keller’s debut bag, the GV3, which highlights the brand’s GG-logo with a gold-tone metal fastening. We also love the use of the double-G on belts, shoes, wallets, and shoes. The 4G logo –when styled correctly –also seems to work on various items of clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Before you go nuts asking for the Givenchy, please be sure to pronounce it correctly. Most accurately it’s Je-von-shee. Once the correct accent is mastered, feel to botch it up as ‘give-on-Kee’. It’s soo much fun to say and watch people’s stare.

Givenchy GV3: $2390


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