Bergdorf Goodman 2nd Markdown (Dior and 90+ pics)

December 5, 2018 by Lila Delilah

Bergdorf Goodman will start its second markdown on Thursday. Shoes and handbags will be 50% off and clothing will be discounted 60%. You will also see some newcomers in the markdown area, including Dior and Cuccinelli.

For the past week, Bergdorf has been hosting a promotion where sale merchandise was discounted an additional 25%. That technically brought the discount to 47.5% on shoes and bags, which isn’t a large spread from this second markdown of 50% off.

We suggest you hit Bergdorf right now and purchase whatever you like. The 2.5% difference is nominal in most instances but the promotional push is sure to drive lots of shoppers tomorrow. We believe customers who were unaware of the promotion will hit the store hard thinking that this is the chance to score big. We have sale pictures from inside the store right here.

Some standouts in the bag department include Balenciaga Bolide-style bags in aqua and logomania print, which come to about $1100 from $2159. There is also an impressive quantity of these triangle bags that are about $1000. If your bag needs a cape you can still get it online for about $400 from $750. There are also a few Chloe style bags like this print style Drew and baby quilted Drew bags in red and tan. Among the Valentino, there is still one Candy Rockstud in black and white. You can see pictures of everything at the store in the jump.

You should also take this opportunity to start shopping from our Dior pictures now. We have images of the entire sale selection right here. The discount is 30% off. Dior clothing and shoes aren’t sold online so you will need to contact a sales associate. Our favorite shoe guy is detailed below.

Outside of the Dior shoe selection, there is still an enormous variety. There are plenty of classic Manolos, Louboutins, Gianvitto Rossi, and Jimmy Choo. Chloe scalloped heels are $323 from $575, Prada shoes are $365 from $750 and navy classic Manolos are $407 from $725.

This latest markdown is all we are going to see until Christmas Day. The big promotions will begin again after then+. Stay tuned and don’t forget to continue on to see all of our pictures.

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