Farfetch Discounts Top 70% Off

August 20, 2018 by Lila Delilah

This morning, Farfetch took the first steps towards IPO with the filing of an F-1 with the US Securities and Exchange Commision. The Italian e-commerce platform had been rumored to be taking steps to become a public company for over a year. As financial investments, we aren’t too keen on luxury retail stocks. They tend to fluctuate vastly according to retail trends. Discarding a trendy shoe is one thing but nobody enjoys a stock that goes out of style.

While the broker-dealers grapple with the pricing of the Farfetch IPO, we figured we would dive into the site and see what deals could be found within the site. We were surprised to find a lot of Off-White discounted 70%. Here is a grey sweatshirt that’s $213 from $720 or this floral one for $200, a bomber jacket is $431 from over $1400 and here is a white Binder bag reduced 30% off.

Other sale highlights include these Golden Goose jeans at 80% off or $90 from $445, an MSGM dress with ruffles is $159 from $516 and a Prada tiger print coat with PVC topping is $762 from over $2500. (I think I’m in love!)

Shoes and bags are on the pricey side and could be found for less in many other destinations. Another thing that we’ve noticed is that some sizes are priced higher than others. That’s because the merchandise is coming from various boutiques and not all stores discount the same amount. We wonder if those types of disparities will make it harder for analysts to forecast stock prices. Wall Street isn’t known for its tolerance of the unknown.


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