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June 14, 2018 by Lila Delilah

Since we’ve been trolling the same department stores over and over, we thought we would look outside our most frequent haunts. MatchesFashion has discounts up to 60% off and a selection of items that we haven’t seen everywhere (or anywhere) in Manhattan.

Some of the interesting items we found that are discounted 60% off are these Balenciaga ‘Hotel Slides’ that are reduced to $260 from $650. There are also Knife pumps discounted the same amount and still available in almost all sizes. This is the first time we noticed this clamp belt and it’s reduced $275 from $550. Check out these Chloe flatform sandals, which are reduced to $260 from $650.

The site has some Prada merchandise that’s also reduced by 60%.  Over this way, are low-heel mules with an oversized buckle for $356 from nearly $900. Some of the other interesting items we found are this gingham sleeveless top with cherry embroidery from Bliss & Mischief for $134 from $335, an Off-White camo parka is $884 from over $2200, a shirtdress from Blouse is $194 from $485 and satin slides from The Row are $312 from $780.

Be careful when shopping Matches, many items are not reduced as low as they are at other retailers. On the flip side, that means that the stuff you want isn’t sold out. It’s always a worth stalking.


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