Bloomingdales Markdowns Include Gucci & More

May 29, 2018 by Lila Delilah

Bloomingdale’s has a sexy new shoe salon with lots of pretty designer boutiques to explore. We have our eyes on two departments in particular. That would be Gucci and Chanel, of course.

The big rumor is that Chanel boutique will not be hosting any markdowns this season. This news is still unsubstantiated but it means a lot more shoppers will be watching for presales at department stores. More on Chanel later.

For now, you can focus on all the Gucci that’s on sale for 50% off at Bloomingdales.  Some Gucci styles are even available online. High-top ‘Blind for Love’ sneakers are $420 from $840, lace pumps are $550 from $1100, and pearl embellished pumps — which we don’t recall ever seeing– are $1200 from $2400 and latex 2-in-1 booties $625 from $1250. The Gucci selection is a little different in stores. You can see pictures from the new shoe floor right here.

Beyond Gucci, there is an assortment of Jimmy Choo summer shoes, Fendi and Givenchy reduced 40% off. In the jump, we have pictures of what sales shoes aren’t listed online.

Moving out of the shoe department, we love these old-fashioned Stutterheim rubber rain jackets. They come in a variety of colors and some styles are now on sale. This Marni collaboration with color-block style is now $255 from $790. In the store, there are even more color options available at a discount.

Elena Ghisellini is one of our favorite handbag designers. She has created iconic styles for everyone from Givenchy, Tods, and Pucci. Her own label is just as iconic. Over this way, the small Angel is $777 from $1300 and this larger Eclipse is $810 from $1350.

There were extra Bloomingdale’s shopping incentives over the holiday weekend. They are set to expire Monday. Don’t feel too bad if you missed shopping this weekend. Most additional discounts don’t apply to designer brands and can be sure that there will be another promotion bonus points “event” coming soon.


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