A New Era for Michael’s Consignment Store

May 30, 2018 by Lila Delilah

Preowned luxury fashion is hotter than it’s ever been but that’s nothing new to Michael’s Consignment Shop. After 65-years at the same location, the fifth generation business has moved to a ground floor location, a bit further uptown to 84th Street and Madison Avenue.

Also known as one of Madison Avenue’s best-kept secrets, Michael’s has been a neighborhood fixture for those looking to retire old fashion or acquire great finds. The location change is just part of the upgrades coming to a business that originally started over 100-years ago. Tammy Fluhr-Gates, the great-great-granddaughter of the founder, is in the process of taking the reigns from her mother, Laura Fluhr.

While in conversation, both mother and daughter denied any fashionista association but rather preferred the title of ‘business woman’. “It’s my job to take the business to the next stage,” said Tammy Fluhr, who alluded to many upcoming projects but wouldn’t elaborate on any details.

For now, we will let the future brew while we dig into the present. The new iteration of Michael’s is a more finely edited and modern variation of its former self. The new store is only one level but still contains all the important Michael’s features. At the center of the store is a satellite display of showcases that contains high-valued bags and jewelry.

While browsing, we overheard other shoppers repeatedly commenting how Michael’s never fails to turn up an unexpected surprise. Women who are from the neighborhood or visiting from out-of-state (or even from out the country) couldn’t help from recalling their favorite past finds to a friend or an employee with a familiar face.

While shopping the grand opening, we spotted some amazing pieces. We found a large assortment of quilted Chanel and Dior bags, various vintage and like-new Hermes bags and in-season Prada flats and pumps for more than 50% off the retail prices. Fear not, the new store still has its famous Chanel rack, which always seems to have a tweed of temptation.

You can click over this way to see some in-store highlights but everyone knows what’s there today could be gone tomorrow. On the bright side, there is always something new to explore.

Michaels Consignment Shop
1125 Madison Avenue @84th Street
(212) 737-7273
Mon to Wed 10AM–6:30PM, Thurs 10AM-8PM, Fri 10AM–6:30PM, Sat 10AM–6:30PM, Sun 12–6PM


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