Supreme Becomes the Chanel of Streetwear

February 22, 2018 by Lila Delilah

As the fashion glitterati tracks Italian trends from Milan, everyone from 13-year-old kids to their moms and even the Art Basel crowd will be stationed at their computers come 11am-sharp on Thursday. That’s when Supreme is scheduled to ‘drop’ their spring collection online. Wait more than two minutes and it will all be gone.

Supreme isn’t just about just skateboard decks anymore. Following its successful collaboration with LVMH, the streetwear brand has captured the attention of those normally clad with Chanel classics and Hermes Birkins. Establishing that you can spend between $5000 and $50,000 on a status bag isn’t enough any more. Style arbiters are much more interested in procuring the hard-to-get.

This Spring Supreme release, is poised to be the biggest ever. The collection includes all of Supreme’s famous basics from hoodies, hats and tees. The fastest selling items from the in-store release, last week, were a faux fur logo coat, the glow-in-the-dark Pile Skull pieces and the “Illegal Business Controls America” hoodie.

We have our eye on some other items–being as we are a little bit out of the Supreme demographic. Of course, there is the pinball machine, which is a great summer home decor accessory. The logo lighter is a great piece, whether you smoke or not. We love the duffle bag, which is perfect to use for airport travel because it’s light and bright. It also feels so much more right-now than LV luggage. The best part is that it’s just $150. You can click over this way to see all the pieces in Thursday’s drop.

If you’re shopping online from Supreme for the first time, don’t be surprised if your credit card is flagged. The site, unsurprisingly, encounters lots of fraud. You may want to call your credit card company beforehand so that your purchase ability won’t be compromised.

Luxury shoppers who feel too highbrow for this Supreme offering can hold out for the rumored Rolex collaboration. That’s sure to catch just about everyone’s attention.


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