Logomania Is Back: Dior, Fendi and Gucci

February 28, 2018 by Lila Delilah

Is it the 80s or the 90s all over again? We can’t quite figure it out. Regardless of the decade, we are sure that logomanie is back with a vengeance. As a matter of fact, just today, Dior announced it would re-release its iconic logo clad Saddle Bag. The Fendi Zucca print exploded all over influencers before its most recent runway collection. Then there’s Gucci.

We urge you to think twice before  forking over several thousands for the new iterations of these logo prints. You may want to consider searching for the perfect vintage version. The result will surly be a more interesting item and for a lot less money. Over here is a Dior Saddle Bag that’s just $375 and here is a Double Saddle Bag and it’s just $325.

Moving onto Fendi, there is the standard Baguette that can be had for under $300. Then there are the more interesting items like this Zucca print robe that’s about $500, rainboots are $273,  an oversized cardigan is $800 and a coat is $700.

At this point, everything Gucci is a logo. When looking for vintage Gucci try to be sure that the item looks fresh. For example, this 80s carry-on travel bag, a wallet on a belt and this 70s clutch are just perfect.

If anything, fashion loves extremes. So feel free to pile it on and mix it up. Just don’t get too invested. Before long, we will all be anti-logo again.


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