The IT-it: Silver Booties

October 10, 2017 by Lila Delilah

It’s not exactly boot weather but anyone can clearly see that stores are betting big on the metallic boot trend. Almost every designer is offering a version of mirrored silver boots– to be specific.

📸The Native Fox

Let’s be clear, these aren’t the $10,000 shiny crystal boots from Saint Laurent or copy cat brands. This season’s biggest shoe trend is mirror reflective or metallic shiny. Some of the biggest standouts are Balenciaga’s mirrored leather ankle boots ($855), Acne low ankle boots ($540) and the Isabel Marant ankle boots ($540) are almost the same but a little higher and the heel is the perfect geometric triangle. The Off-White version ($1190) is more industrial looking because of the rubber sole but the thin heel makes them 100% sexy. Of course, Saint Laurent has a version ($995) and the Proenza style ($915) has a patent black tip that is reminiscent of a Chanel boot. Oh yes, Chanel has something for you too ($1400).

You don’t necessarily need to opt for a thigh-high version and pair it with a Snoop tee (like the above picture). Surprisingly, these eye-catching shoes look great with lots of fall’s other trends. Match your silver boots with a rich velvet skinny pant, a wine colored midi-pleated skirt or a mini leather skirt with silver zippers. A more casual look can be a blouse or tee with rolled up jeans.

Who knew mirrored boots would be so easy to integrate into your closet and we give you 100% permission to go with the Snoop tee if you think you can pull it off.


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