Life Ball is Even Better Than MetBall

May 4, 2017 by Lila Delilah

I’ve been to the MetBall three times. It was years ago, before the event became Vogue’s biggest party of the year. The experience was fantastic but there are many other amazing events around the world.

I might even go as far to say that the Life Ball, in Vienna, Austria is even better. Life Ball, which benefits HIV and AIDS relief projects, is considered Europe’s most extravagant party. I went three years ago, and can assert that Life Ball may be the most unbelievable event in the entire world.

What separates this affair from others, is that it celebrates diversity and art. Life Ball brings together the most creative people in the world but it’s not stuffy. As a matter of fact, Life Ball is warm and welcoming.

The festivities kick off with a designated privately chartered Austrian Airlines jet, which becomes a full fledged party in the sky. Passengers include celebrities and members of the press, who are all headed to the same glamorous charity weekend.

After a quick in-air wardrobe change and hair and make-up primp, passengers land in Vienna. They are greeted by a huge red carpet press event, which includes many of Europe’s top media outlets. (You can click here to see some of my personal pictures.) It’s an experience within itself to watch celebrities ready themselves before landing and walk onto the tarmac where  mobs of press and fans and press are waiting.

Of course, there is some time to explore Vienna, try some of the city’s amazing restaurants and attend a few pre-parties. On the day of the big event, the entire center of Vienna is closed as City Hall becomes the backdrop of the most extravagant conversion of music, fashion, art and life. Again, there is a giant red carpet parade of attendees that are creatively dressed according to the theme or more subdued participants dressed in black tie.

Life Ball always attracts a-listers like like Bill Clinton, Elton John, Sharon Stone, Katy Perry and Paula Abdul. The event consists of several parts including, food, drinks, dancing, a music performance and a fashion show. Afterwords, VIP ticket holders are invited into City Hall to continue the festivities. The party continues all night.

This year’s event will run from June 8 through June 11. Steele Luxury Travel is the exclusive travel partner for Life Ball and is the provider of VIP tickets, which grants you access to everywhere you want to be during the Life Ball weekend. An all inclusive option for the weekend, including the private round-trip flight is €3,100 per person and only available in limited quantity.

Contact Steele Luxury Travel for the all inclusive weekend extravaganza or for other Life Ball ticket options: or call 646-688-2274. The best part is that 100% of the ticket sales go to The Life Ball organization.

We promise, after this, you will have no MetBall envy. (Click here to see my personal pictures.)

On the Plane

Red Carpet Arrival

Bill Clinton’s Opening Remarks


Life Ball Fashion Show

Dinner in City Hall

One of Many Party Rooms in City Hall

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