Fashion Week Trends: Politics

February 15, 2017 by Lila Delilah

Fashion week is heating up. We are serving up all the smoking hot trends while we get through a marathon of shows. These top trends are what you can expect to see on the street and in the pages of your favorite fashion magazines next fall.

The world has gone crazy. The socio and geo-political climate is like none we have seen in generations. Fashion designers, like true artists, refuse to remain passive. This season, we’ve seen many designers use the runway to share political statements.

Public School shot an uppercut to the Trump administration.  “Make America Great Again” slogan hats were refashioned as their own version that read: “Make America New York.” The number “44 1/2,” was embroidered on the side to add a sprinkle of salt. Models also showcased sweatshirts with the words “We Need Leaders.”

At Prabal Gurung the finale stole the show. Models took their final walk each wearing a different slogan on their T-shirts. Slogans included, “The future is female,” “We will not be silenced,” “Yes. We should all be feminists,” and “Girls just want to have fundamental rights.”

Raf Simon’s debut collection for Calvin Klein, presented a model wrapped in an American flag and show attendees recived bandannas, accompanied by a note that read, “Unity, inclusion hope and acceptance: Join us at Calvin Klein wearing the white bandan[n]a #TiedTogether.”

Christian Siriano’s runway featured a model in a pink silk, floor-length skirt and a black t-shirt emblazoned with the message, “People are people.” The crowd cheered. We are confident this trend will continue as fashion week takes over Europe.

Politics and slogan tees are not essentially new to fashion. If you’re fashion is politically inspired you can wear your platform before these fashions hit stores in the fall. For Spring, Chloe offers a tee celebrating “Superwoman,” Ann Demeulemeester’s Tee is printed in rock ‘n’ roll style with “I am red with love” and Dresscamp has a style that says, “We can be heroes for one day.”


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