Bergdorf Goodman to Add Extra 25% Off for MLK (50+ Pics)

January 11, 2017 by Lila Delilah

Through the holiday weekend Bergdorf Goodman will be offering customers an extra 25% off merchandise that has already been discounted 75%. According to our inside sources the discount will begin on Friday and run through Monday.

We couldn’t help from getting a jump on the big promotion weekend and scoped out what’s still left at the Lavender Lady. Handbags and shoes are currently discounted 50%. The sale selection of bags can be found at the entrance on Fifth Avenue, closest to 58th Street.

We found a Valentino Rockstud bag in pink with a triangle print (like this with a different print) that was $2975 and will be discounted to $1200. The Tom Ford Samantha bag, which is even heavier than a Birkin bag, will come to about $1100 from $2750 and an Anya Hindmarch Space Invader handbag will be $985 from $2350. (Check out more pictures and pricing this way.)

Heading to the shoe department, we were focused on scoping out the items that are hard to find online:  Celine, Louboutin and Chanel. Among the Chanel variety we found quilted mules that will be reduced to $360 from $925, high boots with a tweed upper and laced middle will be about $800 from $1950, white quilted calf-high boots with a black toe will be $560 from $1400 and gold loafers will come to $341 from $850. Among the Louboutins are black patent pumps with a big red heart that will be $320 from $800 and studded wedge sandals are the same price. Among the Celine shoes we found a white pointy toe variety with rivets will come to $480 from $1200. (More pictures can be found in the jump.)

If you head upstairs to the fourth floor, you will find the best discounts. Clothing is already reduced 75% and an additional 25% off will bring the grand total to 82% off retail. A Delpozo orange dress will tally to $332 from $1650, a Valentino skirt with a south-western print will be $360 from $1790 and a Fendi blazer with floral details will be about $530 from $2650. (You got it, we have pictures and prices of items here.)

This sale only lasts through Monday and there usually isn’t a follow up discount like this in stores. The additional promotions are usually reserved for online shopping. Too bad the selection isn’t as good.

Tom Ford Samantha & Valentino Rockstud
Valentino Rockstud
Valentino Totes
Anya Hindmarch Space Invader handbag will be $985 from $2350
The Row$420 from $1050
Valentino $1200 from $2500
Tom Ford Samantha bag,will come to about $1100 from $2750
Lanvin $800 from $2000
Fendi Mini $1400 from $3500
Manolo $280 from $695
Valentino $550 from $1375
Valentino $400 from $1000
Chanel $380 from $925
Louboutin $460 from $900
Celine $480 from $1200
Louboutin $338 from $845
Chanel Boots $800 from $2000
Chanel $700 from $1860
Louboutin $320 from $800
Chanel $560 from $1400
Dolce & Gabbana $410 from $1075
Chanel $341 from $850
Louboutin $282 from $745
Chanel $560 from $1400
Marc Jacobs $1460 from $6800
Delpozo $332 from $1650
Delpozo $280 from $1450
Christopher Kane $185 from $975
Valentino $360 from $1790
Valentino $900 from $4490
Mary Katrantzou $270 from $1385
Mary Katrantzou $320 from $1600
Fendi $500 from $2650

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