Chanel Presale Begins

December 4, 2016 by Lila Delilah

The Chanel presale started a bit early this year– like almost everything. Right now, shoppers can begin to presale the items of their choice at various department stores and Chanel boutiques. The sale officially begins and opens to the public on Thursday, December 8.

Discounts usually only apply to shoes, clothing and jewelry. Sometimes we find a very small assortment of small leather goods and some novelty bags from the current  season. Chanel boutiques, Barneys and Hirshleifers (great for finding sold out items) offer a 40% discount. The markdown at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Jeffery is 30%.

If you have something particular in mind, we suggest contacting a reliable sales person to keep an eye out for your anticipated purchase. Chanel fans will be happy to see how much is included in this season’s markdown. We love the pointy-toe mule the the pearl heel. The variety of short boots is also excellent.

Head right this way to browse a large selection of shoes that have been flagged for markdown at various stores. Stay tuned for updates.

Bergdorf Goodman: Doreen 347-986-9483
Hirshleifers: Tova 516-627-3566
Barneys: Instagram DM ArnieBNY
Fifth Avenue Club: Eric 212-753-4000
Jeffery: Michelle 212-206-1272

Bergdorf Goodman

Saks Fifth Avenue



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