M. Gemi Summer Clearance

July 20, 2016 by Lila Delilah

Fashion shoppers have more choices then ever. There are the super luxury companies that are the main influencers of trend and style, there are the lower priced-copycats and the middle of the road contemporary brands. The newest trend in retail is the emergence of companies like M. Gemi that produce top quality fashion for no-frills prices.

For the uninitiated, M.Gemi is a direct-to-consumer company that offers handcrafted Italian shoes for no frills prices. Most recently, M. Gemi raised $18 million in Series B funding and is turning fashion and retail on it’s ear. What’s even better, is the site is hosting its twice-yearly sale were their finely crafted footwear is reduced 50%.

Head this way to check out these aqua suede lace-up shoes that are just $175 from $300, suede mules with a stacked heel are $125 from $228 and boho t-straps with studs are $75 from $148. Take note, that each of these styles are available in a variety of colors.

The sale selection also includes a variety of flats and pumps. These basic heels come in assorted colors and prints and are reduced to just $145 from $250 and we just adore these mixed media pumps that are only $95 from $278.

In a sea of $1500 shoes we love that these M. Gemi offers a section that is affordable enough to match to any item in your closet. After all, it’s the shoe that make the outfit… and the bag… and the jewelry…


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