The IT-it: Hats on to Eugenia Kim

June 20, 2016 by Lila Delilah

Nothing is more stylish than good skin. That means keeping your face out of the sun– according to every dermatologist. Luckily, hat options have exploded and Eugenia Kim’s embroidered versions couldn’t make us more giddy with excitement.

Wearing a wide brim hat, or any hat, takes confidence and poise. It also takes a high level of social grace to navigate the look outside of a beach setting. Determining the appropriate time to remove your cake topper is a skill many women are not adroit enough to navigate. (It’s usually best to take it off while at a restaurant even if you have a case of hat-head.)

Eugenia takes an innovative and playful approach to head-toppers that should not be limited to the sand and pool. We absolutely love, love, love the designer’s witty embroidered hats. Neiman Marcus has an excellent assortment including fan favorites: ‘Do not disturb‘, ‘Currently offline‘ and ‘Wish you were here‘. There is also a variety of fedoras and headscarfs, which are perfect for perfecting your blond locks as much as your sensitive skin.

Online shoppers should take advantage of the free shipping and free returns offered by Neiman Marcus. If only all stores had such a great selection and were as easy to shop as Neiman Marcus.

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