The IT-It: Fishnet Clothing

April 1, 2016 by Lila Delilah

In fashion, even trends come in their own distinct subsets. There are mainstream trends that blanket women’s fashion, like skinny jeans or bucket bags. Then there are micro trends that percolate in small batches among stylists and editorial directors.

Photo credit: Tom & Lorenzo

Fishnet clothing would fall into the category of a micro trend. They evoke a combination of beach, sea and sports and are perfect for straddling the Spring to Summer transition. It’s open enough to show the optimism of Summer but is covered enough not to feel naked. Most recently, Allison Williams wore a Derek Lam fishnet dress on Jimmy Fallon and this Rag & Bone mesh shirt has been all over style blogger feeds. (It’s regularly paired with white bell bottom jeans and a micro cross body bag.)

This holier than thou fashion trend has found it’s way from the top to the bottom of categories. This way to fishnet sportswear from Moschino, here are fishnet Christian Louboutin shoes and Atlas has a laser-cut dress that resembles fish scales. Scroll below to see more options from our favorite micro trend.


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