The IT-It: Varsity or Bomber jacket

March 24, 2016 by Lila Delilah

We really can’t complain too much about this past Winter. It would be hard to imagine it any more mild. Nonetheless, it will be nice to store away those puffers and trade them in for something a bit more transitional.

For the past few seasons the moto jacket has been one of the hottest fashion must-haves. This season, the heavy leather and zippers are starting to feel a bit too dark and heavy of a look for Spring. This season, we are again loving the the ΓΌber-preppy varsity jacket or a packed bomber as an alternative.

The look is light and playful and quite versatile. We love the look of the jacket when its a bit over-sized or hitting the hip. The style looks particularly adorable on kids. Try it with a short flared skirt, shorts, or jeans (skinny or boyfriend). As far as footwear,  espadrilles, heels, or slip-on loafers all do the trick.


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