Todd & Duncan Cashmere Discounted at Banana Republic

February 23, 2016 by Lila Delilah

Todd & Duncan is known for spinning the finest cashmere in existence. As a matter of fact it’s the yarn that is used by Chanel and Hermes. Just a brush of the hand and you know you’re touching something special. Needless to say, cashmere made from T&D yarns can be quite pricey.

While toiling away a few moments we took a quick spin into Banana Republic. While admiring a rack full of heavenly feeling cashmere sweaters we were floored to see that they were … you guessed it.. Todd & Duncan. What’s even better is that all the reduced sweaters and scarves are an additional 40% to 50% off.

A boatneck pullover sweater in grey or black is $173 from almost $300, a chunky turtleneck is $180 from $350 and a grey scarf is $105 from $250. There is also a really nice selection for men.

Granted that these prices are more than we would usually budget for a trip to Banana Republic but we never question spending a little extra money for great quality. We just hope that Banana Republic continues to offer top shelf products such as these.


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