Need it Now: Last Minute Gift Ideas

December 16, 2015 by Lila Delilah

We are in the homestretch of holiday gift buying season. For those who have planned and already wrapped everything with a four layer bow– good for you. For those who are still struggling to come up with the perfect gift idea– maybe we can help. Below is a gift idea for every type.

Shipping is currently free from most sites but if you wait until next week, you might end up spending more on cabbing around town (or shipping) than on the gift. We suggest you get to it …Now!

Decor crazed:
Objecto H$ Humidifer with Aroma Theropy $170

Your mom said I can’t buy you a Sagway:
Dino Pet: Micro Aquarium $69

My banker buddy wants to get his girlfriend an It-Bag:
Valentino Rocklock shoulder bag $2345

How about a nice cashmere sweater:
360Cashmere Skull sweater $276

We are all pitching in for grandma:
Gucci belt $420

My accountant really saved me this year:
Rimowa multi wheel carry-on $525

Aunt Freda loves perfume:
Rose de Grasse $185

Hipster New Mom:
PiccoliNY Hot Dog Pretzel NY Baseball Tee $35

American Girl is a cult:
Corolle Les Classiques $70

My boyfriend must stop wearing a backpack:
Mandarina Duck computer briefcase $345

Cosmetic junkie:
Charlotte Tilbury book of makeup $200

She wants Louboutins: 

So Kate $675

She Wants Louboutins but she is just 14:
Louboutin lipstick $90

They love to travel but shop too much: 
Brics foldable duffle $125


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