Yoox: Prada, Marni & Lanvin 50% Off

November 13, 2015 by Lila Delilah

It’s going to be a week or so until our favorite Madison Avenue boutiques start their pre-sale. Until then, you can direct your attention towards Yoox, which is offering deep discounts on many designer merchandise. What’s even better, is that through the weekend you can save an extra 25% at checkout for a total savings of 60% and sometimes even more.

Among the Prada items we found this red and black sweater that was shown on the runway (winter ’14-’15) that comes to $330 from $722. These tall boots with a wedge heel are $567 from almost $1100 and a classic wool coat with red piping comes to $826 from almost $1600. Moving over to Marni there’s an orange-red coat for $512 from $1000 and a current season pull-over is $470 from $900.

Some other interesting finds is this Balmain dress (not H&M) that’s $755 from $1438, a knit Lanvin dress in emerald green for $350 from $930 and Alexander McQueen platform pumps with skulls on the front are $453 from $840.

We usually find Yoox overwhelming but these discounts are worth the investment of time. Take note, that inventory is running low for a lot of the best items. Other items are several seasons old. The sale ends November 16 but by then we should be able to start designer pre-saleing.


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