The IT-it: The Punniest Faces in Fashion

August 21, 2015 by Lila Delilah

Fashion can be serious and fashion can be fun. As a matter of fact, fashion can sometimes be very punny. The puns can be delivered in an assortment of creative messages– irony, jokes or sometimes plain ridiculousness. This season, there are creatures and faces that are taking serious fashion to the lighter side.

Some of our favorite– even if financially ridiculous– are the Fendi fur charms that range in price from $850 to over $1100. (‘Inspired’ versions are completely acceptable and plentiful on eBay and Amazon for about $50 🙂 The eye and lips earring from Delfina Delettrez is another conversation piece. Less expensive but equally as playful are Anya Hindmarsh’s emoji leather stickers and letters. Charlotte Olympia’s visage collection is a little less playful but incredibly artistic.

See below for the funniest faces in fashion right now:


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