YSL Presale Starts Friday

May 21, 2015 by Lila Delilah

If you’re looking to grab something that’s Hedi Slimane sleek, you will want to head over to your nearest Saint Laurent boutique on Friday.  (If you’re leaving town for the holiday weekend, “a manager may be able to help you with you pre-sale on Thursday.”) The sale goes public on June 4.

The spring and summer collection is all discounted 40% and shoes and handbags are 30% off. Although the discount may not be stellar, the selection is pretty great. Most of the sale bags– including Sac de Jours and High Schools– are in colors like Argento and Indigo. There is one black du Jour but it is studded with stars, which is $2450 from $3500. (You can see pictures of a variety of sale styles, over here.)

In the shoe department most shoes are included in the discount. Holdovers, or classic, styles that return every season are the only styles that are not reduced.

Take note, most of the department stores are offering the same discount. Barney’s discount is 40% on shoes and bags and is a better deal if they have the item you desire. Pre-sale just started there but it could be hard to find a cooperative sales person.

Miguel (YSL Boutique) 516-493-1929


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