3.1 Phillip Lim Sale Draws Huge Crowds

May 20, 2015 by Lila Delilah

The Phillip Lim sample sale started today and we were lucky enough to scope out the merchandise before doors opened to the public. As a matter of fact, by mid-day the line to get into the sale spanned the entire Avenue to Prince Street.

Those who waited in line were probably happy to find the huge, huge assortment of clothing for both men and women. Those looking for bags and shoes, may not have been as lucky. The selection was small and was going quickly.

The bag selection was obviously the most popular department. The attractive pricing only made customers even more hungry for 31 Hours, Pashlis and clutches. Small bags are $200, mediums are $300 and larges are $450. Clutches are the most attractively priced at just $150 but in order for a bag to be considered a clutch it can’t have any strap or evidence of having a strap. Shoppers were a bit unnerved by the lack of consistency in the small-medium-large judging. A few photos of bags are over here but we wouldn’t bet that there is much left over after employees got their pre-shop (which came with a large extra discount.)

The shoes was the next most popular section. Actually, we were surprised the footwear wasn’t going more quickly considering that everything was just $100. Take note, there was very little inventory of each style and just two racks of samples. We wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t many shoes left for shoppers tomorrow. See the shoe selection here.

As for the clothing– there was a lot. The problem was that it’s still a bit pricey for sample sale regulars. All leather jackets are $550 and coats are $400. Cocktail dresses are priced at $400, sweaters are $300 and even tees are $75. Not exactly a huge discount off of retail. You can see lots of photos in the jump.

We are told that merchandise will be restocked throughout the remaining days of the sale. We don’t think that includes bags and shoes. Insiders weren’t anticipating price cuts but wouldn’t count it out either. We will keep you posted.

3.1 Phillip Lim Sample Sale
Through Friday, May 22
Wed 9am—8pm, Thurs—Fri 10am—7pm
Hosted by 260 Sample Sale: 151 Wooster Street


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