Sample Sale Prices at Bergdorf Goodman (30+ Pics)

January 14, 2015 by Lila Delilah

The general consensus when shopping this late in the season is that you will only find the rejects left over. We challenge any fashion lover to shop Bergdorf Goodman’s final markdown and leave empty handed. Right now, the markdown is 50% off shoes and handbags and up to 75% off on clothing.

In the first floor, handbag atrium, there is only one table of discounted handbags. Even though there isn’t a lot of selection, the options that are left are not horrible. Some might even say they’re good. A PS11 is about $1000 from $1990, a Tom Ford calf hair Alix is $1870 from $3740 and a Stella McCartney rope embellished clutch is $759 from $1520. A full assortment of pictures can be seen here.

The discount on shoes is still just 50% off, where the discount at Barneys is 60%. The difference is that Bergdorf Goodman has a lot more classic wearable shoes. As a matter of fact a bulk of the inventory is Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik. Among the Louboutins is a mid-high pump with PVC around the parameter for $350 from $695 and the flat version is $319 from $595. (These are almost sample sale prices.) Cabochon embellished extra high Loubs are $700 from about $1400 and a studded version with patent detailing and bows are $650 from $1295. Broadening out from the red soles, we found our favorite Givenchy shark bit riding boots for $729 from $1450, Valentino Rockstud pony hair booties are $1719 from $2295 and Chanel quilted low moto boots are $709 from $1425. Check out pics of everything mentioned here.

Be prepared to make tough choices once you direct yourself towards the fashion because nobody can have it all. The selection ranges from quality basics to refined statement pieces. Falling into the more demure category is this Giambasttista Valli  classic gray cashmere dress is $790 from almost $2000, Celine black slacks are $619 from $1550 and a Balenciaga tulip skirt is $379 from $1535. Some of the more incredible fashion pieces include a heavy winter weight Alaia dress that’s $1400-ish from $5565, heavy weight Givenchy pants with zipper details are $839, a Mary Katrantzou asymmetrical dress is $1600 from $6400 and a Prada coat comprised of pieties and trimmed with mohair is $849 from $3200. (Here are pics.)

Some contemporary merchandise is 75% off but the majority is discounted 60%. After coming from the premier fineries it’s hard to settle your tastebuds on lesser reduced fashion. Among the selection is a lot more trendy and comprised of designers like Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang, DVF and M Missoni.

There isn’t much merchandise online but with a little bit of sorting you can find a few winners. A lot of the bags are priced higher online but if you call the 800-number, a representative will connect with the store and make a price adjustment. Now, look through the rest of the pictures here and call for  your car, NOW!

Tom Ford $1870 from $3740 
Stella McCartney $759 from $1520  
PS11 $1000 from $1990
Tom Ford


Louboutin $740 from $1500
Louboutin $350 from $695
Louboutin $450 from $900
Manolo $399 Choo $350
Manolo $380 from $755
Saint Laurent $350 from $695
Louboutin $700 from $1400
Louboutin $750 from $1500
Louboutin $319 from $595
Givenchy $729 from $1450
Louboutin $650 from $1295
Valentino $1719 from $2295
Valentino $950 from $1419
Chanel $709 from $1425
Giambattista Valli $489 from $1980
Alaia $1389 from $5565
Celine $619 from $1550
Etro $459
Balenciaga $379 from $1535
Balenciaga $839
Prada $849 from $3200
The Row
Bottega Veneta $1049 from $4200
Lanvin $2059 from $5150
Mixed F5

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