Moncler 40% Off

January 30, 2015 by Lila Delilah

Every winter we receive dozens of email asking about scoring Moncler jackets and coats on sale. Truth be told there is a small window of time to capture the luxury puffer for a discount but you have to work fast.

Right now, Bergdorf Goodman has a small selection of basic Moncler puffers and more fashion forward Gemme Rouge styles. A basic-style with chevron stitching in purple or blue are $740 from $1240. A print Gemma Rouge with a funnel collar is $1100 from $1830 and a shiny diamond stitch style is $779 from $1295. There are also several styles of jackets and coats made of leather but that almost seems to defeat the purpose. You can see pics of all the aforementioned Monclers over here.

Chances are that there are some Monclers on sale at Barneys too but sales people are not likely to verify any information be phone. Remember, Moncler sale season is very short. If you don’t score one now, you can always try the outlet at Woodbury Common.

Blue $740
Purple $740
Prada $830

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