Chanel Is Now 60% Off

January 9, 2015 by Lila Delilah

Chanel always says that they do not discount bags and we have always been able to call their bluff. This season, however, Chanel has succeeded in strong-arming Neiman Marcus into not putting any bags on sale. Now, the only place you can find a discounted Chanel bag is Saks Fifth Avenue.

Saks NYC

The discount on Chanel bags at Saks is 40% but we really couldn’t find a style worth highlighting. The best among the sale merchandise is a small lumpy sequined bag.

Saks just started a second markdown on shoes today, bringing the discount to 60%. Most of what’s left are boots. A pair of low cowboy-style boots come to $660 and tall leather riding boot are just $690.  You can see a selection of the sale boots in the jump pictures. Remember, Saks no longer takes returns on markdowns this late in the season. So be careful with your purchases.

Heading over to Neiman Marcus — even if they don’t have sale bags — you can still find jewelry and shoes for 55% to 60% off. A pair of pearl drop earrings are now priced at $236 and a pearl bracelet with interlocking Cs is $281. Photos in the jump.

Chanel doesn’t sell any fashion merchandise online. If you’re interested in any of these items you will have to call the individual stores. If you have a great Chanel tip, email us here, so that we can share the good fortune.

Chanel Scottsdale
Neiman Marcus, PA

Neiman Marcus, PA

Neiman Marcus, PA

Saks, NYC

Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbor

Neiman Marcus, Dallas

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