No Hermès Sale This Season

September 17, 2014 by Lila Delilah

You no longer need to worry if you haven’t received your VIP invitation to the Hermès sample sale. It’s not happening.

Sources close to the company tell us that Hermès prefers to liquidate past season merchandise within select boutiques. Since most of the past merchandise is gobbled up during the markdown, there isn’t enough inventory to host a compelling sample sale.

Very few stores ever host sales. Annual markdowns can be found at the Wall Street Hermès and the Hermès in Bergen County, NJ. Take note, leather goods are never on sale and they couldn’t have been found at the sample sale either.

Although, Hermès decided to abstain from a sample sale this season we wouldn’t be surprised if one is scheduled before Spring. Those looking for their golden VIP invites should make a concerted effort to stay close to your Hermès sales person over the course of the year. (Read: buy more.)


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