Altuzarra Hits Target

September 15, 2014 by Lila Delilah

The Altuzarra’s collection hit Target today and shoppers pounced. We knew that the designer collaboration would be a big hit among New Yorkers but we didn’t think outer fashion sanctums would receive the luxury merchandise wholeheartedly. We were wrong.

Today we traveled to Target stores more than 50 miles outside of Manhattan and found the new collection to be almost sold out by the afternoon. In Marlboro, NJ all that was left were two crane sweaters, four python blouses, about 20 pairs of booties and individual pieces of this and that. The scene wasn’t much better in Neptune, NJ were the only items left were some shoes, blouses and a lone pencil skirt. (See photos from our shopping trip after the jump.)

Store managers said that this collection didn’t draw people at the crack of dawn but there was a steady stream of shoppers throughout the day. One store manager said that the inventory was a lot smaller for this collaboration than many past fashion promotions.

Target has also instituted a new 14 day return policy. This means that you can expect the merchandise to boomerang back much more quickly than usual. We found that many shoppers would hold on to the designer collab items waiting for a markdown. This time, that won’t work.

Altuzarra shoppers will have the best luck shopping online, where most of the merchandise is still available. The kelly green trench is sold out and the faux fur jacket is no longer available online. (Word to the wise, cheap fake fur looks like a bid toupee, just bad.)


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