Get Your Chanel Polish at Costco

March 24, 2014 by Lila Delilah

We spend a lot of time talking about how much the price of shoes have gone up, the inflation on designer handbags and even the price hikes of a little black dress. The same is very true for cosmetics.

Did you realize that the retail price of a Chanel nail polish was $19 in 2007. Today, the retail price is $27 and we won’t be surprised if it hits $30 very soon. (Sorry, we shouldn’t make statements like that.)

We know just the place to buy your Chanel polish if you’re roll back to 2007 prices. Costco! Yes, the Harlem Costco has a variety of Chanel polishes for $19. The best part is that the selection includes some very nice colors.

The four colors:

  • Particuliere– one of those interesting Chanel colors that is greyish brown face-on but flashes purple in certain light
  • April– launched in 2012 and is truly a perfect berry color. It’s not too pink but is feminine and appropriately bright. 
  • Ballerina– the most classic of nude-pink 
  • Frenzy– his color quickly sold out when launched and has remained popular ever since. The pigment is a muted gray with notes of lilac.

Although there seems to be a lot of inventory on these nail lacquers, we don’t think that they will become a Costco staple. At least you now have something to look forward to when making your next run for birthday cake that feeds 48 and your 15 count of jumbo double-ply paper towel.


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