Where to Shop After Christmas

December 23, 2013 by Lila Delilah

We apologize in advance but we are going to take off for the rest of the year. We wouldn’t want to leave you hanging so we put together a list of sales you’re not going to want to miss.

In the meantime, you can always email us with your inside shopping tips. If we can find a reliable network we’ll be sure to pass on the information along with your unique spy name. Happy Holidays, Healthy New Year!

1. Saks Fifth Avenue
Starting Thursday morning, Saks will be enticing shoppers with an additional 50% off from 8am until noon for a total savings of up to 70% off. After the clock strikes noon the additional savings drops to just 40% off sale items. So set your alarm clocks or presale Monday and Tuesday.

2. Net-a-Porter
Luxury e-tailer, Net-a-Porter, already started their second markdown where some items are reduced up to 70% off. Starting Wednesday evening/ Thursday morning, you will notice that a lot more items will be reduced to that 70% off mark. Of course, you can wait for this merchandise to hit TheOutNet, but why wait?

3. Manolo Blahnik
The Manolo Blahnik usually starts their first markdown immediately after New Years. The discount is normally 33% off but if you can wait three weeks, prices are slashed to 50%. Then right when you think your winter blues can’t get any worse, Manolo starts their February clearance sale where shoes are discounted up to 75% off.

4. Ralph Lauren
When Ralph Lauren slashes up to 70% off we’ve been known to raid the Rhinelander Mansion for cashmere sweaters for ourselves. The best part is that most of the leftover men’s stock  is a size xs, which is just perfect for us. Just be careful, prices in the store don’t always match up online. So bring your iPad, so that you can price compare.

5. Barneys New York Holiday with Jay Z
Barneys special holiday store was a huge bust on all accounts–no pun intended. We doubt that many people are going to the Madison Avenue department store to shop the collection, despite the fact that all the proceeds are going to charity. That makes the fate of the $17,000 special design Hublot watch into question, along with this $700 Elder Statesman cashmere ski mask and this Balmian Epaulette tee for $1000. All these items were customized for the collection and we couldn’t imagine any discount store wanting to be associated with the messy controversy. Barneys will have no choice but to close out the merchandise quickly. After all, the money has already been spent. That’s what we call a lose-lose situation.


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