Which YSL Boutique is 40% Off?

October 21, 2013 by Lila Delilah

We won’t be able to tell you if the YSL sample sale is worth your time until VIP shoppers begin attending the sample sale on Monday. In the meantime, we tracked down the best Saint Laurent boutique on earth. Would you believe that some of the most desirable items are up to 40% off at all times?

We recently became aware that pricing at the Saint Laurent store in Honolulu is up to 40% less than in the Continental United States. And these prices, my friends, are without a markdown.

For instance, a large Sac du Jour in New York is priced at $2950 but is just $1900 in Honolulu. The smaller size is $2500 in NY and $1660 in Honolulu. The YSL logo clutch is $650 in the Continental US and $550 on the Big Island and the small Cabas Chyc is $2350 here and $1450 in the Aloha State. Shoes in Honolulu are generally 10% less expensive and clothing ranges in price.

We questioned a sales person in the Land of Paradise and was told that their pricing is done in such a way to “attract international buyers.” In the case, “you don’t have the time to get away,” the Hawaii store will ship anywhere in the US and extend their pricing. Shipping is $10 and local sales tax applies. However, with these prices you can practically afford a trip to Hawaii and have money left over to shop.

Saint Laurent Honolulu
Hawaii is 6 hours behind NYC


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